School Advisory Board

  • The School Advisory Council is established by the Pastor to be advisory to him and the School Principal. It shall make its recommendations after adequate hearing as determined by the President of the School Advisory Council and shall submit those recommendations in writing to the Pastor for consideration and approval.

    The functions of the School Advisory Council are to: Advise the Principal on policies, programs, services, and strategic planning. Conduct special studies and assignments as requested by the Pastor or Principal. Advise the Principal and Pastor on financial matters including assisting the principal in development of the annual school budget; determination of sources of funding for the annual operating budget: establishment of the annual tuition rates; and, establishment of teacher salary schedules. All of these activities, when completed, will be submitted for approval by the Pastor and the Financial Board before being published and/or implemented. Present St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic School to the public, to civic authorities, and to the Catholic community, as a school imparting quality Catholic education in all aspects of living: spiritual, intellectual, cultural, physical, social, and civic.

    Presentation by Non Members

    With the exception of the Bishop and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Dallas, no person or group shall have the right to address a meeting of the School Advisory Council unless prior written approval has been obtained. Any person or group desiring to address a meeting of the School Advisory Council shall notify the President, in writing, of the nature of their request no less than seven (7) calendar days prior to the next meeting of the School Advisory Council. On receipt of such a request, the President shall contact the Pastor and the Principal. An affirmative vote of two of these three persons shall be required to approve such a request and the approval shall set forth the amount of time and the nature of the presentation to be made. Notice of such presentations shall be given to each Advisory Council member in advance of the meeting at which it is to be made. If a request to address a meeting is made and the President, Pastor and Principal agree that the request is of an emergency nature, approval of such an emergency request shall be granted no less than forty-eight (48) hours before a School Advisory Council meeting. All members of the School Advisory Council shall be notified of the nature of the request and the presentation. Approval of an emergency request will specifically provide the person or persons to make the presentation, the nature of the presentation and the time allotted. No final action may be taken on any matter presented to the School Advisory Council in accordance with these provisions until the next School Advisory Council meeting following the meeting at which the presentation is made.

    2019-20 School Advisory Council Members

    Maree Sutton - President
    Tom Jardine - Vice President
    Mike Rangel
    Mrs. Liz Boyce
    Benjamin Sarpong
    Jeanne Clifford 
    Mrs. Velia Lara
    Cynthia Coronado