Catholic Identity

  • St. Bernard School Catholic Identity

    Our Catholic Identity is an integral component within our daily experiences at St. Bernard for students, faculty, and staff. SBS nurtures a Catholic atmosphere consistent with the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church while reflecting on Jesus’ message of love. We continually strive to nurture each child in their faith and personal relationship with Christ.

    It is through daily prayer, school liturgies, prayer services, the sacraments, and service to others that we sustain and shape our faith community at St Bernard. The administration, faculty, staff, and parents of SBS partner to nurture and promote Catholic values from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

    Our Catholic Identity is embedded deeply in the school’s philosophy, educational environment, and mission.  This identity becomes the path that guides us in our choices and challenges us to live the gospel message in the school, the community and the world.

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